This is a very simple and straightforward film that delivers lots of laughs as well as a trip down memory lane for some or an introduction into what life was like during the 80’s. I loved the overall laid back feel of this movie. It was a perfect way to brighten up my week on a Friday afternoon.

The four stars of the show gel fabulously together giving the line deliver and flow of the plot a great feel because I could believe they were all friends. John Cusack, Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry play middle aged men whose lives did not turn out as they had hoped. These friends go back to the location of their glory days, Kodiak Valley, to rekindle the spark in their lives. They wanted to relive that special weekend in their lives and so they booked the same room they had when they were there in the 80’s. While there they kick off their first night there in their hot tub with copious amounts of alcohol and wake up the next morning in their room but it is not 2010,

it is 1986 and Winterfest is in full swing in Kodiak Valley and Poison is scheduled to play. How will they get back to their regular lives, only time will tell in this goofy sendoff to classic 80’s films. If you are expecting a mind bending plot twist, a lot of action or a film that is safe to take your children to, Hot Tub Time Machine is NOT the film for you. This film can easily be enjoyed with a group of your best friends or even by yourself. My wife and I, having both lived through the 80’s loved this movie. The script is funny and fully of crazy and memorable scenes. The 80’s are portrayed with all of the stereotypes you could imagine and instead of coming off as over the top, in my opinion they are just right.

I feel that the situations are perfect and truthfully what better person to create a film that is set in 1986 than John Cusack who also produced the film. As you know he starred in some classic 80’s fare like Sixteen Candles, Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, and Say Anything. Not only does Hot Tub Time Machine have Cusack as the lead it has some great supporting cast for a romp through the 80’s. I am referring to Crispin Glover who starred in the Back to the Future films and William Zabka from The Karate Kid I and II.

They both play unique characters that truly fit and belong in the 80’s. I have always like Craig Robinson from The Office. I have enjoyed Clark Duke, he was the saving grace in my mind of Sex Drive. Rob Cordry was trying very hard in his role but I felt he was a perfect match for his wild and crazy character. The music of the 80’s is undeniably classic and is a great part of this film. I am definitely excited to download the soundtrack, even though I have most of the songs already. Whomever chose the songs for the soundtrack did a phenomenal job of capturing the moment and placing those songs with the proper scenes in the film.

The Bottom Line:
This is a must see, whether or not you see it in the big screen is not of great importance. I would love to see this film do well at the box office and I think that it will because of the lead characters, for representing the 80’s in a fun and memorable manner and for the hilarious and offensive lines of the film. I can see the drinking games already being prepared for the DVD release. Go check this movie out in theaters this weekend to support quality R rated comedies.